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Intelligent (Buddha wall, Coloured glaze Buddha wall, eternal lamps, memorial tablet   frame, family columbarium, columbarium/cinerary casket storage rack)------Jiangxi Taiheng   Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd)

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Jiangxi Taiheng Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd, was founded in Mar.,2014. Approved by related departments, our company had the right to manufacture, sell , import and export for those products: crafts, buddha, columbarium, sacrifice crafts/memorial crafts, funeral supplies, columbarium/cinerary casket storage rack, memorial tablet frame, freezing coffin and taiping cabinet. Our company is located in No.153, East of Gonghe Road, Zhangshu city, Jiangxi Province, China. Our registered capital RMB30,000,000. 《more》

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Jiangxi Taiheng Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd
Contact: Ms. Yang(sales manager)
Tel: 0795-7888979
Mob.: 13687052882
QQ: 3086406252
Web.: www.jxtaiheng.cn
Add.: No.153, East of Gonghe Road, Zhangshu City, Jiangxi Province, China.

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